Worried you have a slab leak?

When you have a break in the pipes that run under your home, this can cause major destruction to your home and surrounding yard. It’s imperative to get this taken care of as soon as possible to minimize any damage.

At On The Level Plumbing, we are able to pinpoint the location of the leak in the pipe. Because of this, we are able to cut back on construction, therefore reducing the inconvenience and work being done.

Is your pipe completely broken? We can replace the part of the pipe that is broken and get everything running back to normal in no time.

No need to break the bank to fix that leak.

Frustrated with construction workers tearing up your floors and home to get to a broken pipe? Depending on the location of the pipe, we are capable of rerouting the pipe. This means we don’t need to ruin those new floors or jack hammer through any parts of your home.

As one of the most cost-efficient and least damaging ways to fix a slab leak, we specialize in determining the best route for the pipe.

More than one water leak? We provide re-piping services, resulting in a more suitable layout to fit your needs.